THE 1ST. CAMPING week-end at RIKKY’Z

Come on baby, light my fire
This weekend is a special one at RIKKY’Z, Faqra and no it’s not just the Sunday Barbecue we are talking about, but much much more.
…Camping, Dining, drinking and partying is what we thought we’ll offer you for a change. An adventurous theme accompanied with a sumptuous feel!
We are organizing an all camping night this Saturday night starting 6 pm with a sumptious Lebanese mezza and open bar.
You have to get YOUR OWN TENTS or we will be providing you with tents upon request.
What’s a camping night without a bonfire? Don’t think we’ve forgotten about that..

The schedule:
by the time you arrive to Faqra on Saturday night, we would have arranged the tents along with the mezza and an open bar to allow you to feast and indulge yourselves.
In the morning, we have prepared another delicious breakfast to help you start the day and get ready for a full throttle barbecue party.
For lunch, you know the drill, barbecue party includes our own RIKKY’Z specialized buffet and an open bar and the RIKKY’Z fabulous music to dance to.
6 pm is tea time to help everyone to sober up to drive safely back to Beirut, a thing we are keen on at RiKKY’Z, so make sure you pack a pair of jeans, sweaters (it might get REALLY COLD @ night) pj’s ( unless you prefer sleeping nude under the full moon), a t-shirt and your flip flips, cause that’s all your going to need.
SLEEPING BAGS are not included for this, we have arranged a special deal with LA MAISON DU SKI, Feytroun highway, with a RIKKY’Z special discount for all of our campers

We can offer tents for 2, 4, 8 or 10 guests, and the quantity is very very very limited, so book your tents the sooner.

Camping Weekend: $125 PER PERSON, inclusive of all the mentioned above.

Please note that our tents are not SOUND PROOF , and that we have a limited quantity of CONDOMS

Childs are not allowed in the camping area

See you all there!