Tbilisi State Opera Chamber Orchestra At Al Bustan Festival 2011

Name: Tbilisi State Opera Chamber Orchestra At Al Bustan Festival 2011


Tbilisi State Opera Chamber Orchestra

Irine Taboridze, Teona Dvali,Nino Chachua, Sopio Gordeladze, sopranos

Sofio Janelidze, alto

Mikheil Shechaberidze, Irakli Murjikneli,tenors

Gianluca Marciano, conductor

Two Weddings and a Funeral

Mitridate. Mozart’s 4th opera is based on the tragedy by Jean Baptiste Racine, but it ends moderately well.

Written in 1770 whilst touring Italy with his father Leopold, it became Mozart’s first great triumph as an opera composer: It was composed for the Milan Opera House – Teatro Regio Ducal, the ancestor of La Scala, for the Christmas festival season. Mozart was only 14!

The action is in the ancient Greek city of Nymphaea in the kingdom of Pontus in Crimea on the Black Sea.

Synopsis of the story revolves around king Mitridate (ca. 135 – 64 B.C.), enemy of the Romans. Mitridate spreads the rumour that he has been killed in battle. When Mitridate returns to his city, he finds that both his sons Farnace and Sifare have fallen in love with Aspasia, his fiancee, and Farnace is conspiring against him. Mitridate wants Farnace to marry Ismene, daughter of the Parthian king, to reinforce his kingdom. Farnace remains unresponsive and Aspasia, Mitridate’s fiancée, now refuses to marry him. He imprisons both his sons. Out of prison, they finally resolve to support their father who is mortally wounded. He dies blessing his sons. Farnace marries Ismene and Sifare marries Aspasia.

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Place: Hotel Al Bustan, Beit Mery

Date: 17-19 March 2011

Time: 8:30 P.M