TABOO 10th Anniversary

TABOO Downtown Beirut proudly presents its 10 years anniversary party on Wednesday, Octobre 27th, 2010. This year we’ll be celebrating the momentous occasion with our original voguish clientel, celebrities, models and some of nation’s cream of the crop DJs and Acts

This iconic nightclub located in the heart of Beirut city reaches its first decade as the biggest and most prostigious night life destination in the capital. Throughout the years it has been known for hosting the best weekly club nights and special events, and now TABOO is adding another date to the unmissable calendar that TABOO provides.

On this auspicious accasion, S.M.A president Mr. “Salem Al-Akkary” says, “Music comes first and I think that as long as people keep following their ears, they will keep coming back to TABOO ”

“I once spent 10 years at TABOO, i think it was a Saturday.”