Shanti Gathering

The first Shanti Gathering is on the way

A celebration of summer, a weekend of sensory enchantment with our visionary arts installation and progreesive psychedelic sound.

A two days outdoor production providing a platform for freedom, interaction, exchange and artistic expression, to promote awareness, conscious lifestyles and positivity.

The Shanti Gathering takes place in the wonderful area of the Amchit Camping ground, which will be enhanced for the occasion by UV decoration and live fluo installation

STARTING AT 3PM ON SATURDAY THE 29TH OF MAY we are welcoming the summer season with a full range of progressive psy groove. The night will be taken over at 2am by some spacey ambient tunes and live organic sound…

Shanti goers can enjoy the beautiful, camping sites, swimming holes, a shaded, decorated dancefloor, great food and a Live Drum Jam Session at Sunset.

Walk the pathways to the roman amphi-theater, follow the trees down to the sea, and discover the cold water streams

Choose accommodations in the newly renovated cabins, or set up camp under the skies of the extensive Amchit Camp ground… a serene and inspiring experience awaits us all.

Entrance fee of 25 000LL per person to be paid at the reception for the private event.

This fee includes:
-HOMEMADE DINNER (Courtesy of FIRAS YATBOKH)!/group.php?gid=146662695586&ref=search&sid=507797562.3260976010..1


Tengalow’s and chalets are available, please call Amchit Camping for reservations. at 09-622401. Please mention maurizio’s party so that they know.

**Tents 10 000LL per person OR 15 000LL for two people
**Tengalows at 30 000LL a night (for 2 people)
**Chalets at 50 000LL a night (for 2 people)

Check-in is on Saturday 29th at 12:00am. Check-out (Returning the keys) is on Sunday the 30th at 11:00 am.

Come experience nature’s purity brighten your hearts, journey into possibilities….creating an amazing cosmic energy, connecting us all with one another~*

**********************VENUE LIMITEDCAPACITY OF 100 PEOPLE******************