Shaabeh Bi T-Marbouta

Name: Shaabeh Bi T-Marbouta

Details: Sha3beh bi T-Marbouta is a new series of events aiming to expose local talented MCs, Producers, DJs and VJs in the region.

After the positive vibe gained from the first one, Shaabeh is at it again bi T-Marbouta – hamra, with a fresh line up:

Bicro (MC)

B-Soldiers (3 MCs)

…Bull Pup (MC)

Edd (MC)

Jabha (MC)

Qarar & Samer (MCs)

Miracle Genius (MC)

Assasi (MC)

Sot el Damir (MC)

Double A The PreacherMan (MC)

Heavy G (Dj)

HeadBusta (Dj)

Locals have been cooking for a while now, so expect nothing but Fresh New Material to be delivered from all guests, New and Unreleased Local tracks are going to be played straight from the guest DJ’s Decks,

Heavy G bringing the funk to your ear along side HeadBusta’s edutainment sessions representing Greece, expect nothing but Dopeness in the air.

Videos and short movies are going to be projected during the night.

Friday the 4th At 9PM Sharp, t-marbouta’s the Spot, ladies & Gents bring your Dancing Shoose cuz after the “Line up” , Heavy G & HeadBusta are guaranteed to keep you jumping!

Place: T-Marbouta, hamra

Tel: 03-008 935

Date: 4 February 2011

Time: 9:00 P.M