Scottish Band Shooglenifty At MusicHall

Name: Scottish Band Shooglenifty At MusicHall

Details: MusicHall is hosting the global music phenomenon that is Shooglenifty! Combining traditional Scottish music and instruments such as banjo, fiddle, mandolin and drums, with others including darbuka, electric guitars and electronic synthesizers, Shooglenifty meld heritage and hedonism into one unbreakable whole. Blending Scottish traditional music with influences ranging from Electronica to Alternative Rock, the originators of “Acid-Croft” or “Hypno-Folkadelic Ambient Trad” present a fiery and infections fusion of Celtic traditional music and dance grooves. You won’t want to miss it !

Tickets: 30 000 L.L at Virgin Megastore and at MusicHall on the date, prior to event

Place: MusicHall

Tel: 01-999 666

Date: 15 May 2011

Time: 9:00 P.M