Rnbeat At Chocolate Club

Name: Rnbeat At Chocolate Club

Details: This night will not be like any other Rnb night !! It will be hosted by one of the hottest RnB venues known to be, Chocolate By Jojo.

Our Dj set will include Dj Sash (Metis resident), Dj Moe(Chocolate by Jojo resident and Sky Bar resident), and Dj Easy B (Radio 1 resident).Their nights have proven to shake the soul of even the most experienced RnB goers. As if that wasn’t enough, we have invited one of the nations most liked Mc’s which will only be revealed during the night of the event.

In addition, you and your friends will be lucky enough to share your dance moves with our sexy and mouth dropping array of exotic dancers.

Tickets will be sold at 33$ with 3 drinks included before the night of the event. The price will not be the same during the night of the event since places would be very limited by then.

Place: Chocolate Club by Jojo, Monot

Tel: 70-665 609  /  70-220 668  /  03-891 332  /  03-567 328

Date: 29 July 2011

Time: 10:00 P.M