Reopening Of WonderBar

Name: WonderBar Reopening

Details: We are sick sick sick of giving you funny, witty, words to describe our parties. So here, suck on this:


PRICES: FREE FOR ALL! (Don’t get your hopes up, its just free this night only)

Normally you need the bare minimum to enjoy a real afterhours party, a boombox and some space to dance, but WE are feeling generous! Wonderbar reopens its doors to a retouched interior, bigger glammed up bathrooms and we’ve taken the sound system up a notch. After spending a brilliant 2 months at The Basement, we’re being repatriated…now lets hope The Ministry of Refugees follows our example.

See you there!

Place: WonderBar Saifi port region highway after smart cars , the original WonderBar facing Basement

Date: 22 December 2010

Time: 10:00 P.M