Psyleb And Mind Manifest Present Yudhisthira Live In Lebanon

Name: Psyleb And Mind Manifest Present Yudhisthira Live In Lebanon

Details: Psyleb (Lebanon) & Mind Manifest (Turkey) Unite to bring you a 2 sequel party, kicking off in turkey on 20/11/2010, and finishing off in Lebanon on 27/11/2010

In Istanbul:

In Beirut:



( Glowing Flame Rec)

Yudhisthira is the oldest Macedonian goa/psychedelic trance band, consists of Ogi and Bugi. Those talented musicians met back in 1998 and decided to make music together. Ogi is a producer (also working as sound engineer for video projects) and DJ and Bugi is a multi talented music genius that played in many ethno bands. Their music speaks for itself and their live act is a unique trance experience. Performed all around here and there: Austria, Belgium, Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine…


Tihulu – Turkey

(Mind Manifest Project)

Looney Tunes – Lebanon


PsyCola- Lebanon

Psychogenesis – Lebanon

(Beyond Logic Records / Psyleb)

Psychedelic & Stretch Art Deco By Mind Manifest Project

Damage: 20$ Including 1 Drink

Bar available on Location

PS: For those wishing to attend the party in Turkey, send us a message or give us a buzz and we’ll make sure to get you safe and sound there .

Place: Art Lounge Karantina

Tel: 70-505 406 / 70-214 150

Date: 27 November 2010

Time: 10:00 P.M