Proxy Music At Em Chill

Name: Proxy Music At Em Chill

Details: A new night that sheds the commercial shackles of Gemmayzeh, dropping sounds so infectious that even the most unsuspecting will be jettisoned onto the dancefloor.

The evening will consist of a DJ pincer attack: one Euro set- 60’s garage, psych, northern soul, italo disco and balearic- and one new wave set of unexpected covers, girl punk and dub. Expect everything of worth from Count Five to Cerrone, Arthur Russell to the Raincoats.

If you’re bored of the glitz and glam of the strip and want to freak out to some nuggets from the old school this is the place to come.

Entry: $10 inc. a beer

Place: Em Chill, Mar Mikhael

Date: 15 January 2011

Time: 8:30 P.M