Promo 2013 Fashion Show – Stop Staring


Name: Promo 2013 Fashion Show – Stop Staring

Details: The CLW Senior Students proudly present Promo 2013’s Fashion Show by AIZONE : STOP STARING that will be held on the 1st of May 2013 At the Venue Beirut Souks.

On this astonishing day, you will be the first to witness a fashion show like never before! Forget about your average and plain walk in walk out. We have been working our best to offer you the new generation of Fashion Show full of excitement and laughter for you to gaze upon! So come by, sit back relax, to watch our incredible models perform and enjoy a wonderful stand up comedy, 2MenShow by Peter Keuchgeurian and Georges Achkar to make your day!!

Still not impressed? Well not to worry because Cocktails and food fingers will be waiting for you at the door at 5h30 p.m and the show will set off at 6h p.m sharp.

Tickets will be available with all models, singers, dancers, and CLW students starting Thursday 26.04.

Regular tickets are for 45,000 LBP and VIP tickets are for 60,000 LBP.

Our Models:

– Kira Abi Rafeh

– Laura Abou Adal

– Mariam Baroudi

– Karen Bou Alwan

– Yara Chaker

– Ghalia Daouk

– Ghida el Solh

– Yara Geadah

– Nathalie Hneine

– Mona Hraoui

– Emma Jabr

– Yasmina Jebai

– Souraya Jureidini

– Nayla Osseiran

– Sara Soueid

– Noor Taan

– Philippe Abi Nader

– Rani Abou

– Christian Afif

– Joseph Akl

– Iyad Alieh

– Anesti Andrioti

– Georges Assouad

– Karim Berberi

– Julien Edde

– Raghid Joumaa

– Ghassan Raad

– Wassim Saheb

– Karim Salhab

– Walid Salhab

– Jawad Souhaid


– Raya Ariss

– Sara Berberi

– Asma Jabri

– Carine Merheb


– Maya Jaafar

– Alexandra Naccache

– Jessica Neaime

– Dia Raad

– Nathalie Saad

– Nadine Wazni

The FS will be hosted by Shannon Geara and Georges Achkar

Media Coverage: Beirut Night Life

This event is sponsored by:

Cocoa&co, Goodies, Beirut Night Life and Samsung.

See you all there!

For tickets please contact:

-Tulay Ghandour : 70/659 554

-Yara Saad : 70/878 659

-Sara Soueid: 70/040 900

Place: Beirut Souks

Tel: 70-659 554  /  70-878 659  /  70-040 900

Date: 1 May 2013

Time: 5:30 P.M