Projection of “BEIRUT…HIDE AND SEEK”, a movie by Darine Hotait

The movie I shot with great director DARINE HOTAIT, called “BEIRUT…HIDE AND SEEK” will premiere in Lebanon at the ..”NE.A.BEYROUTH” Film festival, this Saturday, Aug 21st at 6.30 pm.


1982. Beirut. a few days prior to the Israeli invasion. A family stuck in the middle of the civil war. All living under the same roof, each one takes refugee in his own world.
Layla supports her family financially but is not very present for her 3 children. Maryam, the nanny ultimately becomes the caregiver.

Refugee in a imaginary world, Jamila, 17, dreams of another place. Samir, 15 is insanely obsessed with theater, he shares his passion with his best friend who becomes his lover, Omar.
Ziad, 24, a pro Palestinian intellect who was never able to overcome his fear until he looses his best friend, Thaer in a camp fight. Kholood, 17, Jamila’s childhood friend is a coquettish young lady fascinated by Hollywood . A relationship develops secretly between Kholood and Jamila’s uncle.
The war, up to that point political, becomes an internal family struggle when Jamila finds out about her brother’s secret love affair with Omar.

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