Poetry Recital Performance By Violeta Medina

Name: Poetry Recital Performance By Violeta Medina

Details: Violeta Medina Mendez, Chilean poet and journalist, she has been living in Madrid for 17 years. She has published Juegos de Humedad, Penta Gramas, El refiejo, and is about to publish Piel de vidrio.She appears in several Anthologies of Iberian-American poets.

Her poetry recitals are performing-games in which a variety of languages, audio-visual, theatrical, dance and music, are combined. She has performed in cities throughout Spain, as well as in Norway, Chile, and India. One of her most recent recitals was on her street during the Noche en Blanco, one of the most important cultural events in Madrid on September 11,2010.

Place: Ta Marbouta, Hamra

Tel: 01-970 253

Date: 4 March 2011

Time: 6:00 P.M