Pikasso 25 Years Celebrating A Prestigious Anniversary. Day 1

Name: Pikasso 25 Years Celebrating A Prestigious Anniversary. Day 1

Details: After 25 years of Outdoor experience, Pikasso using the “Street” terminology is celebrating a prestigious Anniversary.

Inspired of the “Street” itself, numerous events will be stimulated on all levels tailed by an integrated communication campaign

As a start a Parade of professional dancers inspired by Pikasso Look and Feel will perform in a variety of Lebanese landmarks; along with a substantial Outdoor Campaign which will be linked to the viral activation that will connect the street in a Click and offering pumping beats that brings the Street to life.

An Off Street party, where a unique ceremony gathering media people & Pikasso partners will take place

During this private celebration, Lebanese Band & dancers will animate the night in a glamorous way.

Oldie glittering on the Goldie’s LED!

Mixing the Past with Today Technology by reviving the success of its first year, Pikasso will display on the Led screen network the very first campaigns posted in 1986.

The 25 years celebration is addressed to all the Lebanese population with a unique twist, indulged with the street Spirit!

Tel: 01-290 390

Date: 15 June 2011

Place: Furn El Chebak 10:00, Chiyah 11:00, Hazmieh 12:00, Baabda 1:00, Aley 2:00, Le Mall Sin el Fil 3:00, Mansourieh 3:30, Bourj Hammoud 4:00