Phil Romano At K-Lub

Name: Phil Romano At K-Lub

Details: Tickets are priced at $35 (+1 drink) can be sold at the door or in advance through the promoters.

Tables upon reservations only!! An extra charge of $100 (include. 1 bottle of Stoli) OR $150 (for Stoli Gold)!! Confirm your table before Friday noon!

Info line & reservations: 961 76 744 295

Sponsored by Stoli!

Bringing you the best parties in Beirut as always and after the success of SuperMartxe, Vanity Beirut “Space Odyssey”, “Vanity Diamonds” and Barcelona Circuit Festival Preparty, Vivian Shallop proudly presents Dj Phil Romano!

The sexiest DJ with the sexiest tunes Of The Summer Of 2011

As usual its a different party only this time its not about a show or an outfit its Genuinely all about the music that will heighten your senses.

Friday September 2nd 2011 one of the best known Djs in Europe, DJ Phil Romano & our very own DJ Pablo, will spin Beirut away at K-LUB, Saifi, Port Region, Beirut.

Some of you have definitely danced till the sun came up to his beats in parties like Infinita, Circuit Festival Barcelona and La Demence Cruise and many more.

Playing in Ibiza, London, Paris, NYC, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Madrid, Toronto, Montreal, Hong Kong, Taipei and many more, Phil Romano the Dj and producer will take you on a trip that will last you for the entire summer. His tunes are sensational, making every party he spins at a party to remember.

Artwork by Kaleido Graphics


Place: K-Lub, Saifi

Tel: 76-744 295

Date: 2 September 2011

Time: 11:00 P.M