Pawas Live In Lebanon

Name: Pawas Live In Lebanon

Details: Born and raised to a classical musician in India, early on, Pawas seemed destined for a career in music. Having started out playing the ‘tabla’ (Indian drums) alongside his father in concerts, Pawas’ musical prowess was evident for the connoisseurs of music. Soon enough he spread his wings and evolved in his domain, in teaching himself to play numerous other instruments including percussion, bass guitar and keyboards.

Following close on his father’s heels, Pawas eventually chose to pursue a career in electronic music, his new found love. At 17, he began DJing in his native, India. Pawas’ move to Europe in 2004, elevated him to another level of success and so has his music evolved with time. Having gained both recognition and acclaim as a talented DJ around central Europe, production was the obvious next step. With the instant success of his ‘Katang’ in early 07, Pawas’ own production in collaboration with his best friend, and fellow dance heavyweight Daso, has seen this adopted German cause quite a stir in the global music scene.

Having releases with labels such as Spectral Sound, Flash, Squonk and Night Drive music, topped with smash hits such as ‘Bummelzug’, ‘Det’, ‘El paso’ and ‘Piano Rain’, a legion of the world’s top DJs and producers have all joined the Pawas fan club. The list includes none other than Dubfire, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Marc Romboy, Luciano, Jimpster, Satoshie Tomiie and more.

Pawas’ deep, Detroit influence, in his style of house and techno has now become a much in demand recipe within the dance music circuit. His DJ gigs in the likes of Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Dubai, Sweden and well of course throughout Germany, over the last year are only a humble testimony of his talent and his ever growing passion for music ….

Place: Art Lounge, Karantina River Bridge

Tel: 71-694 567  /  76-363 220

Date: 22 October 2011

Time: 10:00 P.M