Najwa Karam At Batroun Festival

Name: Najwa Karam At Batroun Festival

Details: Najwa Karam… The Pastoral Sound

Najwa Karam is the youngest in a deep-rooted Zahlawi family, who would have never accepted the idea of a star daughter, if it had not been to the vigorous interference of friends and relatives.

Najwa’s family and friends, especially those who listened to her authentic voice in school performances, never failed to track each and every Lebanese attribute in her majestic voice, which was an extension of some beautiful voices within her family (grandmother – mother – aunt), as for the potent aspect, she inherited from her uncle.

A Diversion Or  A Vocation…

In her rural early life, singing was strictly banned by traditions and customs.

After receiving a baccalaureate degree, Najwa took a job as a tutor in a local school, before trying to break the taboos and restrictions by applying to one of the new talents’ programs on Tele Liban.

The Breakthrough

Her first appearance was in “Layali Loubnan” program (an extension of Studio Al Fan) in 1984, where she won the Golden Medal.

She had an immediate impact on the audience as well the members of the Jury, who longed for such a quality that reminded them of the generation of icons that they thought had vanished.

An Ultimate Stardom

Choosing the path of fame and art was a challenge for Najwa especially with all the misconception, prejudice and rumors that spin around this occupation.

Najwa Karam decided to refine her talent and invest in cultivating her skills.

So back to school, but this time to study music in the National Institute of Music and her tutor was the renowned Lebanese composer Zaki Nassif.

For four years, Professor Foad Awwad taught her to play the lute as well as performing Stanzas.

Shams Al Ghinneye … From Lebanon to the Arab world

Najwa’s early beginning was in 1989 with the launch of her first album “Ya Habayeb.” However, her first step towards stardom came with the second album, and with it came her most important title “Shams Al Ghinniye,” as it was also the title of the album.

Najwa choose a difficult equation and insisted all the way to choose and perform Lebanese songs only over seventeen years of ultimate stardom with an outcome of 16 albums.

All her works are distinguished by variety and novelty in the selection of lyrics and melodies.

A Dedication to The Whole World

Internet and technology have turned the world into a small community, and Najwa had to keep pace with developments and all was clearly demonstrated in the her video clips and on her unique and distinctive webpage which presented her as one of the most prominent Arab stars who deserves the title of a World star, especially after the success achieved in Carthage Festival 2000 and other festivals and the wide and large audience that spread all over the World.

Prices: 35 000 L.L, 55 000 L.L, 75 000L.L, 125 000 L.L

Place: Batroun

Date: 16 July 2011

Time: 9:00 P.M