Muevete! 3 at Al Fanar Auberge

Join us for a 10 hour Music and Food Marathon on May 22nd at Al Fanar Auberge, Tyre, Lebanon.

This party is for everyone! Journey through the genres from Caribbean, Salsa, African, Balkan Bangers, Colombian, Dub, Ska, Dancehall, Cuban, Bangra, Drum n Bass, Gypsy Beats, Fela Kuti, James Brown, Panjabi MC, Shaanti Crew, The Shrine, Cumbiambas, and Foro. muevete! is essentially about daring music and scorching dance. This time the party is hosted by the the Fanar Auberge situated in the Old Port in Tyre South Lebanon. Enjoy the variety of food provied by Taste Culture and donate to a worthy case.