RAZZ’zz JAZZ CLUB Clemenceau main road, Weavers Center, Tel: 01-366246/7 and 70-530007


Adony Assaf: Piano/Keyboards
Toni Zouein: Lead Guitar and Vocals
Ramy Daaboul: Bass Guitar
Ghassan Sakr: Drums
Nataly Abou Safi: Vocals

MOOD is a Lebanese band founded & anchored by its leader, keyboard player Adony Assaf. Its repertoire is a broad and colorful musical canvas blending pop, rock, funk, blues, jazz and other improvisation based music into a sound that can be described as totally organic and stemming. The band’s stunning virtuosity and sly sense of humor have earned them a rabid following, reaching an evergrowing & dedicated fan base. Mood is now stronger than ever; there is a new element of youthfulness and vitality and it has been continuously evolving. MOOD has thrived as a highly respected and constantly in-demand outfit, with a dedication to excellence and professionalism.