Minimal Effort 011

:: Lineup ::.

Necrostate [DMG] / IDM

Cheh AKA Abdalla C – Minimal/Techno

Fady Aswad [Minimal Effort/ DMG/ Vibe Lebanon] / Techno

Ziad [The Attic Resident] / Tech House

.:: Visuals by LeJade ::.

.:: Entrance: 20 000 LBP including 1 drink, all drinks are sold inside for 10 000 LBP ::.

.:: About Minimal Effort ::.

Minimal Effort is a series of EDM parties taking place in the most unlikely venues; from an underground parking to a small saj-bakery in Monot.

Originating in 2008, the concept behind it was and still is to discover and promote new talents within the Lebanese EDM scene as well as spread and endorse the latest sounds that have emerged out of the scene the last few years.

While our main focus remains techno in all its forms, with 10 editions so far, we have hosted many artists and covered a wide array of genres:

IDM, IDM Dubs and Electro with Necrostate; Minimal and Techno with Fady Aswad, Rabi-h and Cheh; Microhouse and Techhouse with Bas Sam, Purple and Alias; Dubstep with Makh and Dublack203; Live Breakbeat/Electro/Dubstep with Radio-KVM and OKIDOKI; Drum & Bass with Tavarish.

Moreover, Minimal Effort has hosted the first “UK night” in Lebanon, a night showcasing the recent twist that has taken the UK underground electronic scene, a night entirely dedicated to Dubstep, Drum N’ Bass and Breakbeat.

In a short amount of time, and thanks to the massive support of the DMG crew, Minimal Effort became a success and gained recognition as being one of the best parties in town.

.:: For more info about Minimal Effort: Fady: 03 – 970 720 or join the following group: ::.

.:: For more info about The Attic: Ziad: 70 177 118 ::.