Miksing 2

Ski the music waves along with the people who have brought to you the Mixing experience last year.

We are proud to unveil the opening party that will launch this year’s ski club events: Mixing(2) at L’interdit Faraya, Saturday december 26, 2009.

For your aural pleasure, LiL’T/rudE will be spinning the latest tracks, performing as a duo that has managed to unite clubbers of all tastes under one roof. The duo will be playing this time, as accustomed, in the ritualistic parties hosted by Mixing.

The night will feature a live keyboard performance by MiDfinGer alongside rudE.

Tickets: $30 // 2 drinks.
Reservation is a must: 70 11 88 70.
Doors open at 10:00 pm.

Don’t miss this ice melting experience!