Mashrou’ Leila El Hal Romancy Concert At Beirut Hippodrome

Name: Mashrou’ Leila El Hal Romancy Concert At Beirut Hippodrome


6 tracks come together to produce [el Hal Romancy] E.P. Each tackling lyrically more intimate, personal, and theatrical subject matter that is less about the city and its politics proper, and more about the social residue of the city. A drag queen named Wajih on a vanity trip, a wife-to-be seeking marriage for economic stability, a melanchol…ic revolutionary giving in to his society, and the lover of an irresponsible member of the city’s bourgeoisie, all make appearances, tell their stories, and then retire, over dense, heavily orchestrated, and sometimes punchy music. This is a collection of songs that happen in a weathered bedroom with ruffled bed sheets, stained carpeting, and a book shelf of references, while a string section plays on a rusty vinyl player to a couple of young lovers trying to survive the city.

Beirut is home – we wrote all our music here, and even when we don’t write about Beirut directly and we haven’t played here for almost a year now, since BYBLOS, it’s still very much there in our sensibilities…

We’ve been working on the concert for months now – writing new music, collaborating with amazing artists to produce this work and preparing every single detail to make it a special night, like our previous encounters – but this time in a place that we pass by every other day, but we’ve never had the chance to access and wander through – an intimate place with a lot of history – the Beirut Hippodrome.

The event will also feature sets by the BCE  and a party following the concert with music by JADE (The Basement, Beirut)

Tickets will be sold soon – at Virgin ticketing box office, Coppa Di Pasta, U Shop, United Dj’s Record Shop.

Early wave Ticket – 20 $ [including 1 drink]

Regular Ticket – 25 $ [including 1 drink]

Limited Seated Ticket – 40 $ [including 1 drink]

Points of Sale

Virgin Ticketing box office – 01 999666

Coppa Di Pasta – Hamra – 01 341734

U Shop – United Station Antelias, Hazmieh – 03 979757

United Dj’s Record Shop – Zalka – 03 957344

We have also made travel / accommodation package deals with Kurban Tours from UAE, AMMAN, CAIRO, SYRIA and TUNISIA to BEIRUT for july 28-30. So for those who want to grab a copy of the album, attend the concert and spend the last weekend before Ramadan in Beirut – you can contact them[Tel : +961 1 368 958, extension 122][ E-mail :].

We can’t wait to share with you everything we’ve been cooking specially for this night…

Salamat from Lubnanabad,

7ob wa dala3 wawala3


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Key Sponsors: Eristoff, 961 Beer, Clos de Cana

Support Sponsors: Loto, instruments Garage, Coppa Di Pasta

Place: Beirut Hippodrome.

Tel: 01-999 666  /  01-341 734  /  03-979 757  /  03-957 344

Date: 29 July 2011

Time: 8:00 P.M