Marjeyoun Ya Omri

Jdeidat Marjeyoun – South Sunday August 8, 2010 11am – 5pm

Majestically standing at a hill facing Mount Haramoun to the east, Beaufort castle; the 1000 year old Crusader castle above the Litani river to the west, and the mount Lebanon range to the north, gives Marjeyoun an outstanding view of real Lebanon. Join us for a real taste of unique culture, history scenery, food and fun at Jdeidat Marjeyoun – south.

  • Enjoy an all day long local SOUK, mouneh, saj, fruits, vegetables and arts and crafts by SOUK el Tayeb.
  • Experience the typical domestic Marjeyoun lunch and the different traditional dishes of Mansaf, Koussa Ablama, Freeket Djej, and many more.
  • Make sure not to miss the delicious Marjeyoun desserts, Zalebia, Bkhout, Riz Bi Haleeb and a competition for the best Kaak B Haleeb.
  • Dise over Marjeyoun’s historical and cultural treasures by guided tours through the area at 12:30pm and 3:30pm.
  • Enjoy the music and the folkloric Marjeyoun Dabkeh.
  • Kids fun; educational by the Red Cross, face painting, seed planting, arts, wall climbing, cow milking and much more…
  • Taste the different international dishes prepared by UNIFIL; Spanish, Malaysian, Indian… watch them perform their country’s traditional dances…
  • Welcome the Harley Davidson group (HOG) on their bikes.

For more information please contact: 01-442 664