Marcel, Rami And Bachar Khalife Live In Concert

Name: Marcel, Rami And Bachar Khalife Live In Concert

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They came together through music. Through their fondness for innovation and their desire to transcend boundaries. They came together through an awareness, surrounded by hazards.

They bonded in world’s of musicality and humanity, resonating between poles of attraction and contention, between, love and opposition.

They are inspired by the freedom to choose and experiment, to travel, carrying their memories, to new places resplendent with the colors of life and humanity.

Marcel, Rami, and Bachar Khalifé are engaged today in a new journey of togetherness and joint artistic work that began in the year 2000 when both Rami and Bachar joined Al Mayadine Ensemble that Marcel established in the late 1970s.

It has been a rich journey, one that’s allowed both Rami and Bachar to draw both inspiration and an artistic identity from this rich musical reservoir. While receiving they gave, both Rami and Bachar have left an indelible imprint on their father’s work.

Today’s work is a distinct creative work marking a milestone along this path, as it bears compositions by Bachar, Rami, and Marcel in a new garb fashioned by all three, who participated in the design, execution, and performance – singing, playing, and artistic expression.

The oud, piano, and percussion engage in a conversation of melody, playfulness, noisemaking, or love – elements that the three artists have long explored – traversing their entire range of dynamic extremes, from shouting to whispering, from an outpouring of passion to a diffident reserve . . . to the last note.

Place: Beirut New Waterfront

Date: 11 June 2011

Time: 8:30 P.M