Madjam Live At Whisky Mist

Name: Madjam Live At Whisky Mist

Details: Whisky Mist in collaboration with Mars On Earth present the Fourth Edition of Re-Shuffled Saturdays…

The ultimate clash of decks, glamour & sensations with MaDJam

Warm up set: DJ Pierre

** This is a ticket event

** Tickets sold at Whisky Mist Beirut

** Tickets to be purchased in advance

Red District: $55 (inc. 2 premium drinks)

Grotto: $45 (inc. 1 premium drink)

Standard: $30 (inc. 1 premium drink)

Place: Whisky Mist, Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut

Tel: 01-357 070  /  71-017 102

Date: 14 April 2012

Time: 10:30 P.M