LoveDough with DJ Devon at Brut!!

3 months and still going strong!

Brut monot is yet again proud to present LoveDough

On Friday April 23,

With DJ Devon, the master in RnB & Hip Hop!!

From humble beginnings as a bedroom DJ, Devon honed his skills as a turntablist studying the art of scratching and beat juggling from legends DJ Ca$h Money, Jazzy Jeff and Qubert. Instantly noticed for his uncanny ability to mix and blend Devon was picked up by the likes of Shortee Blitz and DJ Kofi and joined Hollywood DJ collective the Bum Squad and now spends his days Djing in between England and the US for the likes of rap superstar The Game.

Another crazy, sexy, groundbreaking hell of a night guaranteed!!

Do not miss the successful series of LoveDough at Brut monot this Friday April 23 with DJ Devon!!