Live Impressions Concert By Ankh

Name: Live Impressions Concert By Ankh

Details: A group of music lovers will simply be performing live improvisation of progressive and psychedelic rock.

– Marwan: Guitar and Radio (Planet Earth)

– Ephie: Programmer (San Francisco)

– Riyad: Bass (London)

– Tiare: Keyboards (Hawaii)

– Stephan: Sax (France)

– Danielle: Loopstation (Beirut)

– Sami: Drums (Beirut)

– Ghassan: Percussions (Beirut)

…to be part of this special gig!

Entry: 10$ +1 beer or 20000 L.L +1 drink

Place: Electro Mecanique, Mar Mekhayel El Naher After EDL 300m on the right.

Tel: 03-871 589

Date: 26 December 2010

Time: 10:00 P.M