Lebanese Skateboarding Association

Name: Lebanese Skateboarding Association

Details: Beirut, Lebanon – June 7th – Hundred of Lebanese youth are joining the global sport movement of skateboarding. Realising that there is absence for safe and free dedicated space for skateboarding, a group of skateboarding advocates consisting of volunteers, skaters, parents and corporate people are joining hands to form the non profit organisation Lebanese Skateboarding Association (LSA). The role of LSA is to advocate for free public skate parks in Lebanon by working closely with municipalities, as well as to promote the safe practice of skateboarding in Lebanon.

We estimate that today there are 100-300 active youth in our country that are passionate about skateboarding but have nowhere to do it safely. Also another 700 youth will join immediately if the venue is available. Within three years this number can grow to 3,000.

We feel that this athletic drive should be supported by a safe, sanctioned place for these youth to exercise, socialize, and develop skills that will be useful throughout their lives.

Our organization will be dedicated to the process of making that happens. In order to generate public awareness, LSA is organising a skate demonstration on June 19th at 4:30 PM in Normandy area

Thanks to Solidere who made available the required space,  as well as other sponsors  LSA will be able to organise the events. A Sport celebrity will be the MC (We will reveal the name next week on our facebook page: skate.lb )

LSA is inviting Media people, Embassies, NGO’s, bloggers, Official from Municipalities, sponsors, skaters and other stakeholders in the sports.

We need your contribution by covering this event and help us advocate for sport, and healthy lifestyle for our youth.

“Young Lebanese across the country are passionate about the event and are building hopes that they can influence the municipality to listen to them.” Would you help them?

Place: Normandy area, Beirut

Tel: 03-276136  /  03-059 289  /  03-404 741

Date: 19 June 2011

Time: 4:30 P.M