Lebanese 80’s Night at Eight

lebanese 80s eight beirut

Go back in time to all the LEBANESE 80’s HITS every Thursday night performing Guitta Harb with her outstanding voice and charming looks.
Guitta is accompanied by some of the best Lebanese musicians.
Come and enjoy the wonderful choice of songs for the younger generation and the old schoolers.
The best unforgettable hits from our beloved local artists.
Different guests every week singers and musicians.

Wa3adouni w Natarouni
Badi choufak kil Youm ya habibi
Oumi Ta nour’ous
Eaja3ta Tas2al 3ani
Lamma Bemshy 3al Raseef
Ya Reit Beterdi ya Reit
Nasam 3aliena la hawa
Khedni Habibi
3ahadir el Bousta
Ya Sitti ya Khetyara
Moush Mouhem
Habibi ya 3ani
Moustafa ya Moustafa
Ma Hadan Bi 3abi
Kifak Enta
Hanna Sakran

more and more