Layalina Ramadan Tent for Souhour


Name: Layalina Ramadan Tent for Souhour

Details: Sponsored by: Radio Al Balad FM 106.5, Al Balad newspaper, Layalina magazine & Al Jadeed tv

Concept & Entertainment: The design of  Layalina Ramadan Tent is kept into a modern style featuring a nice ambiance of lights and décor along with a daily radio (by Al Balad Radio) live show hosting celebrities, famous singers & public figures for 2 hrs from 10 pm–12 am.

In addition, Layalina tent will be featuring on a giant tv screen AlJadeed Ramadan tv series.

Layalina Tent menu is a la carte and served at the Au Gros Sel Terrace priced as per consumption (no minimum charge). Live Saj station is available along with Arguileh.

Place: Au Gros Sel terrace, Riviera Hotel

Tel: 03-147 555

Time: 10:00 P.M