Layali L2ouns VIII At Django

Name: Layali L2ouns VIII

Details: For the 3rd time here I come. What?!?! Well yeah it’s been 2 consecutive successes, I (Joe of Bardo, lately starting to be known as Joe of Django as well, I think it’s about the letter O) am taking over the decks on Thursday 16th of December.

Most of you already know my repertoire, u know Fairuz, Sabah, Asmahan, Salwa el Atrib, Oum kolthoum, Warda, Abdel Halim, Abdel Wahhab, Wadi3 el Safi, Zaki… Nassif……

However this time, in addition to the Coquettes Souad Hosni, Taroub n Georgettes Sayegh, am bringing you the Sweethearts, what do u think? Sharifa Fadel? Dalida Rahme? Mona Meraashleh? Widad is for sure there, owners rule, and Aline loves her:).

I’m insisting on Rima Khcheich, Ziad el Rahbani and Lena Chamamyan (last time didn’t give them their proper value).

Frenchies don’t be afraid! Piaff, Dalida, Lucienne Delyle and Jeanne Morreau are still there. What do think of adding Brigitte Bardot, Jaques Brel and Barbara???

And since ya7oukko lil “DJ” ma la ya7oukko li ghayrihi (where do i get those from??!? i really dunno), am adding 2 of my favorite voices for the 1st time, the magnificents Afaf Radi and Karem Mahmoud!

Also Leila Murad, Mayyada l Hinnawi, Huda, Ronza….

As for those Belly shakers, No Haifa, No Elissa, No Nancy….yet I am adding Issam Rajji and Mohamad Hijazi and the old Melhem Baraket.

Expect some special songs, you know that kind of songs we all love and get nostalgic about!!!

Akh now I have a headache!!! Don’t ask me how I’m gonna manage to include all of that, one thing I promise, I’m better on the spot than in planning:).

Till then be safe!

Place: Django Rue Du Liban Gemayzeh Between Kayan And Life Bar

Date: 16 December 2010

Time: 9:00 P.M