J&B Start A Party Beirut

Name: J&B start a party Beirut

Details: What’s the best way to drink J&B RARE? Through the mouth and down the throat. Seriously, you can drink J&B any way you like.

Drink it neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a cocktail.

Whatever you prefer.

J&B is specially blended to make it ideal for mixing.

The flavours in mixers such as COLA, ginger ale and lemon complement the balanced characters of J&B RARE. We recommend you try these first.

J&B Cocktails

–       http://www.jbscotch.com/?section=cocktail&Ncocktail=cocktail-jb-cola

–       http://www.jbscotch.com/?section=cocktail&Ncocktail=cocktail-manhattan

–       http://www.jbscotch.com/?section=cocktail&Ncocktail=cocktail-mojito

–       http://www.jbscotch.com/?section=cocktail&Ncocktail=cocktail-sour

J&B Scotch Whisky – Meet the Mirrorball Man


Place: Thursday November 18: Hamra:  Flow + Brown sugar
Friday November 19: Gemayzeh: Gem, Spoon, Porto
Saturday November 20: Nightclub: Brut,  Metis

Date: 18-19-20 November 2010

Time: 8:00 P.M