Jad Shwery Album Launch Concert

Name: Jad Shwery Album Launch Concert

Details: The Official Jad Shwery’s new album release concert

“3esh ha keda” (live it this way) at RIVIERA hotel – The island September 14th

Part of an everlasting search for new styles, new music, and new crowd experiences, comes the latest album & CD launch for Jad Shwery.

The first release from the new album “3esh ha keda” which is a Melody music production, is a song called “kasseretly el siyara” (she smashed my car); an upbeat dance track that transforms the folkloric Dabke to an untraditional electronic sound, setting a new tone in the music industry. The video, directed by Jad himself, will also be aired on all Melody and local channels beginning of September.

The challenge has been given to Tarte aux Poires events to make a memorable night on September 14, 2011 at the Riviera hotel beach lounge.

More about the party

Jad shwery will be performing the tracks from his new album 3eshha keda (live it this way) that will be released on the 1st of September, along all his previous hits and some covers, in a rock-solid & modern choreographed show. Guest band will warm up the mood; followed by pop & house DJ, Scarface, to take over the rest of the night.





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Special thanks to

Poliakov Premium Vodka


Place: Riviera Hotel

Tel: 03-045 007

Date: 14 September 2011

Time: 9:00 P.M