I Matter- An interactive dance performance

Théâtre Monnot
Lebanese American University School of Arts and Sciences, Byblos
Nadra Assaf and Al-Sarab Dance Troupe present
an interactive dance performance
May 25th and 26th at 8 . 9 and 10 PM
In a world where seldom do people take into consideration anyone else, I Matter.
In a world where no one pays attention to the slight, the simple, the little, I Matter.
I Matter because I exist. I Matter because I do. I Matter because I am.

Scenario, Direction and Choreography Nadra Assaf

Additional Choreography Christel Farah, Ornella Saliba, Mira Chakhtoura, Nisrine Khoury and Ghimar Merhy

Music Dead Can Dance and Emogen Heap

Music Mixer and DJ Majd Al-Alam

Lighting Hagop Derghougassian

Graphic Design Roy Saade

Scene Enhancement ASAP sarl.

Photography Zahi Nakad

I Matter is an interactive dance performance which is based on the concept that within any moment of time each and every living being (and in this case particularly human beings) makes a difference. The ‘scenes’ we develop in our lives are based on the fact that each and every one of us matters. We matter because we are a part of the larger picture, the grand scheme of things, the eloquent process that we call life. I Matter is a theatrical piece of dance which moves the audience and makes them experience dance in a much more up close and personal manner. I Matter makes the point that each person matters in every second by placing the audience in the context of the performance; no longer does the audience play a passive role. In I Matter, the audience plays as much of a role in the development of the moment of dance as do the dancers, the music, the scene, the lighting, the costumes and all the other accompaniment and props. I Matter is an unusual and rare dance performance in which the audience-performer connection takes on a whole new meaning; it becomes a shared movement experience. I Matter makes the audience matter.

NB. Places are limited to 35 per performance

Ticket prices 15 000 LBP