– DJ BESTOV (Russia)

…<< DJ BESTOV biography – Translated from Russian by Prof. Mastarov Plastikov >>

Bestov Mamnoelwokov born january 22, 1975 in Russia, and in good hellth. He become big and listen to music in bedroom. He also sing in bathroom all the time when shower and his parent incorage him to make money from reel estate in Bukh Shakistan. When Bestov say ‘NIET’ his father beat him very nasty and make all neighbor open window and come out of balcon. Also policeman on the crossrod under was sad and not concentrate on work so many car accident on street. However, Bestov never cry, he was rebelion and leave house with maid Ingara, and make a lot children, all in good hellth, but Ingara steel children and leave with rich camel prince.

Bestov was alone, but he never cry. So Bestov go to cheurch and ask God what do to attract woman? – (You know many nice woman in Russia…. check www.russianbeauty.com)

After 7 days in the cheurch Bestov not eat or drink, he come out and decide to make Muscle Exercise and become DJ.

He start buy NOW 5 to NOW 55 and make party for people on the street.
He was very fast famous for his style MEGAHITS !! and play in all village next to his !!

One day he fly to play in big Bukh Shakistan Festival and make afterparti with a lot of woman, they make dirti thing (but nice) and also met two other very famous DJ from Bukh Shakistan call Kabal & Burka (know as DJ MEGADEAF).

MEGADEAF tell him that they was in city call Beirut (Bery Crazy City) with too much camel man in Porsh Kayan air condishen, and make shopping and hanky panky, also eat Falafel and play in club call Basement. Basement is ok Club but there is club better that play MEGAHITS too !! It is outside next to water and smell but very nice woman !!!! Bestov like story and contact outside club next to water and smell but very nice woman to play MEGAHITS in club !

Get Reeady for MEGAHITS night I LOVE POP with DJ BESTOV !!!!

PS. please always bring woman with you, he will make their happiness.