Green Is A Red Line

Name: Green Is A Red Line

Details: Green is a Red Line 2011

We need to draw the red line against all practices that might destroy our green Lebanon. In supporting the Green Party of Lebanon, you are raising your voice to end nature discrimination to bring back and maintain a green Lebanon.

It is only when we work together that our voices become louder to enforce the law, protect our heritage and pass on the green to the next generations.

This is a call for a green duty, raise your hand and say: “I’m in”.

The Venue

All our concurrent events will be held at the prestigious Beirut Hippodrome with respect to its national symbolism and preserved green space within our concrete urban expansion

Our celebration is spread across a month of activities and highlighted in 2 days of events that will widen the scope of collaboration with esteemed party members and valued friends and supporting organizations. It is the gathering of the environment likeminded conscious society.

Feel again the value of Green; state your green support, meet and associate with considerable NGO’s and social activists.

One day is set to revolutionize the perception of Green Lebanon.

Together we will mobilize the green forces and make the change towards Green Lebanon.

Place: Beirut Hippodrome

Date: 8 September 2011

Time: 2:00 P.M