Gaiser And Barem At B018


Name: Gaiser And Barem At B018

Details: Who can forget Danny Howells’ magical Easter Sunday’s?

Or Lee Burridges’ crazy birthday party last year?

When Marco Carola pulled a record-breaking night out of the bag?

And when Magda unleashed an insane marathon set on the crowd?

Maybe you were there to witness Cadenza’s debut party, or to get up-close and personal with John Digweed?

Maybe you experienced the knock-out electronic sets of Nick Warren, Dubfire and Marc Houle?

If so, you know how lucky you were… Mix FM’s club nights at B018 no longer need an introduction… they have become the most memorable nights in clubland history – a collection of rare one-offs that we can hardly believe we were part of.

Join us as we travel further on our electronic escapade – and welcome to Lebanon two of the biggest names on the unstoppable Minus label.

On Friday 21st October, Mix FM, in partnership with B018, presents:


Together – in one exclusive night!!

We’re taking you on an adventure of epic proportions, as the journey continues… Prepare for a ground-breaking set as the Minus duo take you to another world.

Heart-thumping bass, dark and minimal grooves mixed with big, big sounds to send your techno senses into pure bliss.

Witness the Minus phenomenon as Gaiser and Barem perform right here in Beirut City!!!

Warm up by Gunther and Stamina!

It’s a night not to miss… a rare, unique, unparalleled chance to witness something incredible.

Reserve on 03-810-618

Ticket prices:

35$: Regular

70$: Tables.

Place: B018

Tel: 03-810 618

Date: 21 October 2011

Time: 11:00 P.M