Full Moon Hike

… They made songs for the Moon… they even did poems…  But O Club will walk on Full Moon light!! Our program will be as special as follow:

Saturday 23rd of October:
•    4h00 : Gathering Jdeideh round about
•    4h30: Departure towards Tannourine
•    6h30: Arrival Tannourine Nature reserve
•    6h45: Welcoming of the Reserve’s committee and explanation about the reserve
•    7h00: “Camping is beneficial” session given by O Club Monitors
•    8h30: Dinner (we will enjoy a traditional dinner as cheese, Labneh, Tea)
•    9h00: Preparation for the hike
•    9h30: Start the hike. In this hike will be splitted into 2 hike; all the group will walk from the reserve towards Fouar, Ain el Raha (excisting of water), Houb (where we will enjoy passing through gardens).  Sahlet Ghaymoun will be the 1st step to choose between continuing the hike or coming back. Those who wants to continue they will reach Tannourine and go back by bus and those who wants to stop at Ghaymoun they will come back by bus. 1st hike distance 7km and 2nd one 12 km.
•    12h30/2h30: expected arrival to the reserve

Sunday 24th of October:
•    Waking up and taking Breakfast
•    Uninstall tents and clean the place and leave the reserve towards Balou3 Bal3a
•    9h00: expected to leave the reserve
•    9h30: Arrival Balou3
•    10h30: Departure to Beirut
•    12h00: Arrival Jdeideh round about

What you need?

Long pants, additional long sleeve shirt, Heavy jacket, your personal stuff, Sleeping bag (if you don’t have you can bring 2 blankets), torch light, Hiking boots or running shoes, hat.
This weekend will include: Bus, Dinner, Breakfast, tents, entrance fees reserve and monitoring the whole week end for 45,000L.L. (non refundable in case of your cancellation) And from now on O Club will INSURE ALL THE PARTCIPANTS WITH VICTOIRE INSURANCE.
For registration and booking: Click on www.oclub-lb.com and register yourself and your friends by clicking on the event and book your place/places by settling the amount in any Bank of Beirut branches on O Club  account number 453973 (BOB ABC achrafieh is open till 9h00p.m. even on weekend). Dead line to register Friday 22nd of October.
For any additional info please don’t hesitate to call Randa EL BACHA  on 961 3 854038 / [email protected]