From The Speaker

House Raver Is ON!
Tune In guys, We Have An annoucement To make…

House Ravers Proudly Presents To You:

The Party Of The Year, A Pure Musical Night Full Of The Finest Rythmes, Hits & Beats Only From H-R Speakers Raise Your audiometer warm Up Your Temperature let go your reminder and focus only:

On The Sound From the Speaker:
Purefy Your Soul & Mind, With Our Beloved Composers & Djs masters of music:
– Jean Jabbour (H-R)
– I-DJ (H-R)
– Mark & Samer (Radio One)

On The 13th Of March, These Words Will Turn Into A Real Fact At ”PASTA COMMEDIA” :BRoumaNA:
Imagine Yourself Served With An Open Bar … And Watching Sankou7 On The Bars Fire Show.
Attend It, And Thank Us In Advance !

Long Live House-Ravers