Frequency Exposure Music Blowout

Name: Frequency Exposure Music Blowout

Details: RB & EO proudly present

Frequency Exposure

Music Blowout

Party people of Lebanon, get ready to unite this summer for a totally new, ground breaking party concept that is about to ignite.

This time were hitting BIG, were not talking about the same boring regular events in these Clubs that you have eventually memorized. Were talking big this time, in fact … it’s huge ! Were talking huge outdoor set-up, were talking huge waterfront venue, massive stage, state of the art light and sound system (we mean heart-stopping bass), elevated VIP and PLATINUM sections.

Dance and go wild under the stars and rains of laser beams, strobe hits and special effects. A huge scale festival set up in Jounieh’s waterfront, a giant venue blessed with the astonishing backdrop of the city lights.

For security and enjoyment we proudly assure you a rock solid security and luxurious services, professional waiters and bar tenders provided by the unmatchable Star Reliable Services s.a.r.l professionalism in nightlife services.

We proudly announce the massive line up awaiting you, we only chose the DJs that can handle such scale with attitude and personality:

MixFM, Beirut In the mix and Pier7’s


They have traveled the world, rocked Paris’s Techno parade being guest of honor! The duo masters of tech house and twisted tech goods will deliver as always a set that will take you through a journey of groovy percussion bounded with body pumping bass lines.

NRJ MaterMix and Sky bar’s


Ladies and gentlemen meet the best of the best, King of RnB and Hip Hop, with a residency at Sky Bar and NRJ’s Master Mix, DJ Base has established himself as a firm-ground leader in his music, with his charisma, unmatchable mixing skills and his devotion to his always loving crowd. He’ll leave you craving for more.

Atomic production’s:


Probably the youngest DJ out there who can really impress and interact with his crowd, only he, is able to print on them the mood he likes which is, as most of the times craziness and astonishment. His performances are always packed with his unique way of entertaining the crowd, his mixing skills, his love for the music, his love for the decks, the crowd and aggressiveness in baseline drops.

cK is the master blender between Prog House and Techno.

Opening set:

Per-vurt’s own:


Warming your ears and bodies with mesmerizing deep house tunes he will drive you straight up moving and shaking from the very first moments. Kay-N has build his very strong reputation performing outstanding sets at numerous events and parties around the country.

Closing set:

Per-vurt’s uprising:


Well renown for his skills and taste in electronic music, he will keep u up crazy till early morning with his house sweets.

Ticket prices:

Regular 35$

Incl. 3 drinks + Main arena access

VIP 60$

Incl. VIP section access

+ VIP premium services (waiters, dedicated entry to the event) table reservation 10pers. Min)

+Drinks: 1 RUSSIAN STANDARD premium bottle/6 tickets.

*RUSSIAN STANDARD voted #1 premium Russian vodka exclusively sponsors the VIP section.

(Reserve your table of minimum 10pers)



Incl. PLATINUM lounges access

+ PLATINUM services (Dedicated waiters and security, dedicated red carpet entry to the event)

+ Ultra premium drinks:

1 GREY GOOSE bottle + 1 MOET & CHANDON champagne/6 tickets

(Reserve your lounge of minimum 25pers)

ONLY 4 LOUNGES (extremely premium)

Bars and security managed by

Star Reliable Services

In collaboration with

Beirut In The Mix

Hosted by

Ricardo Barakat 71767100

Elias Okais 03155174

Oliver Kortbawi 71606902

Organised by

Anwar Rizk 03 117 337

Anesti Andrioti 03 143 043 (pin: 2168A653)

Anthony Matar 70 707868


Anesti Andrioti 03 143 043. BBpin: 2168A653

Anthony Matar 70 70 78 68 (Special Thanks)

Marwan Elian 03 364 461. BBpin: 21A02A10

Freddy Chami 70 997598

Raymond Nassar 71 134071

Cyril Noujeim 71 78 78 03

Woody Khnaizer 03 456602

Chris Mahfouz 70 626353. BBpin: 2344E0B6

Clara Bedoyan 70 110233

Ziad Taktouk 70 606778. BBpin: 2168C11D

Jad Saade 71 192028. BBpin: 260BF45B

Jad Soda 03 676630

Karim El Baf 70 725009

Jack Jabbour 71 946505

Khalil Gemayel 03 156150

Andrew Handouka 70 701022

Jad Hinnawi 70 172652

Pierre Mobarak 03121612. BBpin:21F1EE0C

Tickets will also be on sale at Lebanon’s most exclusive and happening network : WIRED (located in Fern el Chebek, Gharios Center)













STAR TAXI (20% OFF transportations to and from the event)


Covered by


The organizers reserves the right of admission.

Age policy: 18+

Dress code: Appropriate.

Place: Hotel Aquarium, Jounieh Waterfront

Date: 27 August 2011

Time: 9:30 P.M