Free Chupa Chups

Enric Bernat Fontlladosa invented the Chupa chups.

Rebellious Phoenix are adding a Musical flavor to it

Come with me honey, enjoy the music

Run like the wind,fly with us to the Chupa Chups land.

because babe you are our lolipop

OH! Yes, the Sugar on the top.

Sugar sugar sugar free chupa  chups all night long with a juicy Rock’n’Roll Flavor by the REBELLIOUS PHOENIX, babe.

Covering: Steve Ray Vaughan, Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, Jimi Hendrix, Sinatra, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Ziad Rehbani, Eric Clapton, Oriental Jazz, Coldplay, Savatage, Pearl Jam,Bonjovi, Reamonn, The Beatles.

Location: Thursday’s Pub,Gemayze.

Saturday July 3rd, 2010