Fadl Shaker At Zouk Mikael Festival

Name: Fadl Shaker At Zouk Mikael Festival

Details: Fadl Shaker was always concerned about singing maqamat, the hardest of Arabic melodies; he always tried to preserve the true Arabic musical style in all of his songs. His songs are known not to have any western melody influence. Fadl is known for his unique singing style, and as a result, has built a huge fan base throughout the Middle East. During his musical career, Fadl has won many prestigious music awards in the Middle East, and in just four years (1998–2002) he became one of the Middle East greatest artists. He was nicknamed by his fans as Malek El Romansia or King of Romance.

Prices: 35.000, 50.000 & 80.000 LBP

Place: Zouk Mikael

Date: 21 July 2011

Time: 8:00 P.M