F Club Presents Love Me Am Fabulous

Name: F Club Presents Love Me Am Fabulous

Details: Whoever says Love is overrated doesn’t know how to love!

Whoever says Fashion is overrated, doesn’t know where to shop!

Loving Fashion passionately, creatively, indefinitely and unconditionally! F Club presents this Friday a special Valentine’s show and party.

Launching our unusual exclusive F Club collection: “Dare your imagination” with M couture.

Why try to fit in, when it’s more exciting to stand out?!

This collection is a tribute to our favorite inimitable daring icon: Lady Gaga!

Celebrate love, glamour and fashion with our F models and F dancers with more hot and sultry F surprises.

Get on our F list: 00961 71 991 400

[email protected]

Music: House, Rnb and Hip Hop.

*In collaboration with Fashion TV Arabia and F Factory*

Place: Maison Blanche, Sodeco

Tel: 00961 71 425000

Date: 11 February 2011

Time: 10:30 P.M