Drop The World At PlumBar Monot

Name: Drop The World At PlumBar Monot

Details: Summer nights have passed and the leaves have fallen, gravity is eternally taking over, locking us up behind the bars of chronic, never-ending tick tocks. On the 4th of December we are giving you the chance to pretend like seasons never changed, the chance to DROP THE WORLD. Zero Gravity. A night to let it all go.

A crazy line-up is set up for you to dance all night on the beats of:

■ K.N ■

The man who played alongside Greg Parys, Akcent and many more at the NRJ music tour:

■ MINI-B ■

(Vibes prod l NRJ Mastermix)


(NRJ Mastermix)

■ KEV ■

Entrance Fee: 30$ (inc. 2 Drinks and round shots)

Tickets and tables are limited.


Krystelle Karam

Christine Hitti

Woody Khnaizer

Place: PlumBar Monot

Tel: 70-845 848

Date: 4 December 2010

Time: 10:00 P.M