The Last Dance Mansion Closing Evening

the mansion

Name: The Last Dance Mansion Closing Evening

Details: Alright, we kind of have some quasi-sad news.

We’re kind of closing. But we’re also reopening. So it’s not really sad. But we’re reopening somewhere else. So that’s kind of sad because the Mansion was an awesome place, but it’s being taken away from us and turned into a loving home for a family that won’t be homeless anymore.

I hope they adopt plenty of dogs and other non-human animals, otherwise it would be a waste of space.

I’m drifting. I’m Sorry. My fingers are shaking. My heart is aching.

Relax. Breathe.

This Wednesday 31 July.

Join us at the Mansion. In the Garden. For one last drink together.

We have had an amazing time with you guys since we got our hands on that little paradise, so let’s do it one last time.

We would really love to see every single one of your familiar faces who have turned the Mansion into such a magical place during its short but beautiful life.

The Mansion will be officially closed on the 1st of August.

Until we meet again in September at our new location.

Place: The Mansion, Mar Antonios Street, Gemmayze

Tel: 03-286 596

Date: 31 July 2013

Time: 7:00 P.M