Caving Ain Seraaia At Hrajel

Name: Caving Ain Seraaia At Hrajel

Details: Caving is an adventure unlikely to be forgotten; an activity that, unfortunately, only few people are privileged to practice!

With enthusiasm, passion and thrill, O Club will be visiting “Ain Seraaiya” – Hrajel Cave. Dare to join the group and let us explore the UNDERGROUND.

Sunday May 15th :

– 8h00: Gathering at Team out (St Rock Dekwaneh-Mar Roukoz)

– 8h30: Departure to Ain Seraaiya

– 9h30: Arrival + Technical info

– 10h15: Start the adventure into the cave. Expect a lot of excitement, maybe you will get to practice climbing too!! Water inside the cave is gorgeous …

– 1h30: End of the adventure. Please bring along with you a cold meal for lunch.

– 2h00: Departure towards Jeita – Country Farm location.

– 2h45: Arrival at Jeita. Here you can benefit from an exploration on horseback riding (we will provide you a package for that), it will be amazing!! You can also buy soft drinks in the club

– 4h30: Departure towards Team Out

– 5h30: expected Arrival

What to wear and what to bring?

VERY IMPORTANT: Wear old pants, light warm clothes, hiking boots or running shoes (no flat shoes), gloves. Bring with you additional clothes from head to toe (we will need to change after this adventure).

How to register?

Click on / caving upcoming event / register now in order to send all your personal details. Settle the amount of this outing through any branch of Bank of Beirut (ABC Achrafieh branch opens till 9h00p.m. even on weekends.) – O club account number 453973 and book you place / places before Friday 13th of May.

This day will include: Bus transportation, Breakfast, Caving equipments, Insurance (O Club is insured by Victoire) and professional monitoring (with the assistance and the collaboration of ALES) for 34USD per person non-refundable in case of your cancellation.

For more info, please do not hesitate to call Randa EL BACHA on 961 3 854038 or via email:

Place: Hrajel

Tel: 03-854 038

Date: 15 May 2011

Time: 8:00 A.M