A Bloody Mist At Whisky Mist

Name: A Bloody Mist At Whisky Mist

Details: When someone hears about a blood donation the first things that comes to our mind are, sickness, injuries, accidents… which isn’t the case. We decided to make the real idea clear by shaking some fresh blood on the dance floor of Whisky Mist. That’s why; we organized a gathering where the only proof of excitement is going to be some high pulses.

Bloody Mist a fundraising event at Whisky Mist on the 28th of January will be featuring:

– Criss (V Production)

– Marc (Nostalgie | Metis)

– Geo (Atomic Production)

– Kev (E-Group)

French Versus Commercial: The Clash.

We can promise you that your blood will be pumping all night long while watching gogo dancers lightening up the bloody atmosphere (in case of low pulses).

Tickets are sold at 40$ inc. 3 drinks, with an extra charge of 5$ at the door.

This event is covered by Beirutnightlife.


Place: Whisky Mist, Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut

Tel: 70-876 123  /  70-137 452

Date: 28 January 2012

Time: 10:00 P.M