BLOM Beirut Marathon 2010

In light of its unbeatable previous successes ,the BMA is organizing this year its 8th annual international marathon: the BLOM Beirut Marathon (BBM). This event is the biggest annual event in Beirut; it will take place on November 7, 2010.
This Year 2010 is filled with new races, and a major change in the tracks of both the 42.195km and 10km. We are also introducing, and for the very first time, the Marathon relay race! A Team of 6 people, from a corporate/ organization, running a set of 5K/ 10K/5K/10K/5K/7.195

A new addition to our races is the Run with Mom 1Km race, be sure not to miss the fun in watching this awesome race
Now, Are you ready?!?!?!?!I THOUGHT I COULDN’T…I CAN, 6 words, one story, what’s yours?
LEBANON Will run again this year, some will break their own record, some will run their very first race, some will run their very first Marathon ( 42.195KM).. We will be right there, cheering them on!!
This NOV 7, 2010, Let’s inspire Lebanon, to RUN…simply because We CAN