Blimp- Mojo Jazz Club

Blimps: Songs of Pink Floyd, The Doors, Eric Clapton

The spirit of love, peace and defiant attitude was born some four decades ago at the golden age of Rock’n’Roll. This very same spirit has brought together four gifted individual talents, to form the band Blimp.

Blimp’s style combines the sounds and methods of Rock legends such as Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin to produce a band that easily shifts between Rock,… Blues, and Progressive Rock with a personal, modern and Lebanese twist.

Ralph, Highsam,Antonio and Jawad always had a knack for music manifested in its different instruments and styles. Encouraged by their friends and fans, they have teamed up and have already graced the stage at several massive gigs that has left hundreds of listeners wanting more

Band Members:

  • Ralph Samaha: Lead Guitars/Vocals
  • Highsam El Achkar: Guitars
  • Antonio Hajj: Bass/Vocals
  • Jawad Fares: Drums

For Info call:

Dr. Walid Akar 03443033
Yousef Malek 70796279

Music Charge 10.000 L.L at the Door

Location: Mojo jazz club, Hamra str., Rbeiz bldg. facing Hamra theatre, Beirut