blackout nye

BLACKOUT is the latest crave in night entertainment. Where the lights go off, the venue turns dark and few mystic elements flash light.

DANI K Productions spiced it up with a Glow in the Dark touch.


Thursday December 31st

Venue: Faqra Club

Ticket Prices:

120 $ Open Regular Bar and the renowned Faqra Open Buffet.
150 $ Open Premium Bar and the renowned Faqra Open Buffet.
50 $ Open Regular Bar After Midnight

For Info and Reservations: 00961(0) 3 040906


DJ FREDELUX from Paris :

Resident DJ @ Queen club (Paris), SENS club (Paris)

Born in Paris in 1973, he is impassioned as of his youth for the music, he indeed begins collecting vinyls at 9 years old. As of the 14 years age, he starts his first exits with the palace which enable him to meet David Serrano with which he plays his first discs at the mornings Kit Kat. At 16 years, he starts to work in the stores of discs and this during 3 years. In parallel, he mixes in various Parisian clubs and of province. In 1992, he inaugurates the night club of Disneyland Paris, where he resides during 3 years. The 3 following years he moves in France and abroad for various evenings. In 1999, he integrates VIP ROOM of Jean Roch where he resides during 6 years. He plays for the evenings’ jet set in Paris, Saint Tropez and with the festival of Cannes, thus with the largest DJ: David Morales, Erik Morillo, Laurent Garnier, Pete Tong, Joe T vanelli, boy George, Lil Louis, Cassius,mousse t, tiesto …. In same time he mixes with the evenings Om Delux, Salvation and Cathedral. Currently he is resident clubs Milliardaire, Madeleine Plazza, 287 and evenings crazy party in Queen club paris, Peppermint Dubai and last but not least Sens club paris .….and more